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Continuous longwall miner

launches first continuous miner for hard rock ...

Global construction and mining equipment manufacturer () has launched the first continuous mining and hauling system for underground …

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They are developing two gates for each longwall (or four total) with four miners sections cutting the mains. For the mains, they are using the Joy 12 CM full face continuous miner. In the gate development sections, they are using Joy and continuous miners. The continuous miners are supported by Joy 10SC shuttle cars and Joy 14 BU loaders.

Coal mining

In modern mechanized longwall operations, the coal is cut and loaded onto a face conveyor by continuous longwall miners called shearers or plows (see photograph).The roof is supported by mechanized, self-advancing supports called longwall shields, …


In underground bituminous coal mining, noise surveys, consisting of full-shift worker noise exposure, time-motion studies and equipment noise profiling, have been completed on longwall and continuous miner sections in six underground coal mines.

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Longwall Miners. In contrast to continuous miners, longwall miners remove large, rectangular sections of coal instead of scraping coal from a bed bit-by-bit. According to Kentucky Coal Education, continuous miners consist of a series of large cutting …

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Continuous miners. Though there are many variations in design, continuous miners mostly consist of five main elements: ... poor and this is one of the reasons many mines have difficulty developing at rates adequate to prevent long delays on longwall production. As a result, development is an area receiving major attention in recent times.

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In 1948, the company produced its first continuous miner – Model 3JCM – the beginning of the now extensive product line of continuous miners and entry drivers. And in 1976, the company produced its first longwall shearer. The combining of two giants. In 1994, Harnischfeger Industries (later known as P&H Mining Equipment) purchased Joy ...

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Conventional retreating longwall mining was previously used to mine some of the reserve, with inseam development by continuous miners used to develop longwall panels. After the longwall was inundated with water in 2017, a change to continuous mining only extraction has been adopted.

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Dec 20, 2016· That's why it introduced its Rock Straight System, which is defined as "a fully mechanized longwall system designed for continuous mining of flat and tabular deposits and reefs of hard rock ...

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Apr 08, 2010· Modern longwall mining was introduced to the U.S. in the 1950s, and now more than 100 such mines, mostly in central Appalachia, produce the lion's share of underground coal. ... continuous miners ...


• Longwall production peaked in 1998 at nearly 200mm tons • Longwall systems declined between 1996 and 2005 - currently 50 systems operating ... • Continuous miners work in harmony with the longwall equipment to complete the development activities. Schematic of Longwall Mine.

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Underground mining Ulan Mine Complex activities utilise longwall retreat and continuous mining methods. These methods target the highest quality coal by only removing the bottom 3 metres of the Ulan Seam. Primary coal extraction, also known as 'development', is undertaken using continuous miner and shuttle car operation to develop the longwall ...

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Operation with mass production technology - Continuous Miner /Bolter Miner & Roadheader package. Construction and Development of Greenfield Mine. Environment, Health and Safety Management. Longwall (LW), Continuous Miner (CM) & Roadheader Operation. Geo-technical Investigation. State-of- the-Art Strata Control and Monitoring Services.

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Longwall mining systems are capable of producing significant outputs from a single longwall face – 8 million tones per annum or more. When operating correctly the coal is mined in a systematic, relatively continuous and repetitive process which is ideal for strata control and for associated mining operations

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The 12HM36 continuous miner, with a dual gathering head system, is ideal for industrial mineral mining applications, including trona, gypsum, potash, and salt. The 12HM36, with a 1473 mm (58 in.) cutter ...

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Underground / longwall (in development) Product Quality: Metallurgical (High-Vol A) Production Equipment: Longwall system (in development) and continuous miner units: 2019 Sales: 0.8 million metallurgical tons: Transportation: CSX rail system / direct trucking

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Along with the supply of the cables the company chose the CMI " Minto" Quick release restrained plug and receptacle system to power all mobile machinery, Continuous Miners Shuttle Cars and the Longwall Miner due to the reliability of the equipment and the high IP68 rating the equipment provided.

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In modern mechanized longwall operations, the coal is cut and loaded onto a face conveyor by continuous longwall miners called shearers or plows (see photograph).The roof is supported by mechanized, self-advancing supports called longwall shields, which form a protective steel canopy under which the face conveyor, workers, and shearer operate. In combination with shields and conveyors ...


Effective operator training for longwall miners, continuous miners, shuttle cars and other ancillary equipment such as LHDs and bolters is critical to the effectiveness of these complex mining operations. The use of soft rock mining simulators is now widely accepted as an essential tool for optimising productivity, improving safety and ...

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In a typical longwall mine, there may be one or more longwall sections and three or more continuous miner sections that are needed for the development of the mains, submains, and panels (Evans and Ramani, 2006). While the longwall section accounts for the bulk of the production from a longwall mine, the continuous miner sections, depending on ...

Joy 12CM12 Continuous Miner

The 12CM12 continuous miner, with a solid-head cutting head system, features a 965 mm (38 in.) conveyor width for standard width entry applications. The 12CM12, as well as all 12CM series continuous miners, are designed specifically to make efficient use of the additional space available in higher seam heights by offering improved outboard ...

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TPU: continuous miner, longwall miner, loading shovel, blast hole driller; MP-GC. Designed for underground mining or bore holes. Provide high-voltage distribution intended for relatively stationary installations not subject to be relocated more than twice per year.

Fully Mechanized Longwall Coal Production

Feb 03, 2015· Principles of Longwall Mining - Duration: 3:26. Global Mining 204,843 views. 3:26. Town With Underground Fire That Inspired Silent Hill Is Uninhabitable ...


Jun 05, 2019· By January, the mining system was averaging more than 205 ft per shift with two record shifts of 342 and 372 ft per shift. This paper reviews the equipment and operating system with simultaneous cutting and bolting and continuous conveying of the material and details the successful integration of the rapid-entry development system.

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A. Abutment - In coal mining, (1) the weight of the rocks above a narrow roadway is transferred to the solid coal along the sides, which act as abutments of the arch of strata spanning the roadway; and (2) the weight of the rocks over a longwall face is transferred to the front abutment, that is, the solid coal ahead of the face and the back abutment, that is, the settled packs behind the face.

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Advantages of Longwall Mining Longwall mining is a very efficient coal producing technique. Longwall productivity is potentially higher than that of room-and-pillar mining, because longwall mining is basically a continuous operation requiring fewer workers and allowing a high rate of production to be sustained. The amount of coal recovered is also

High productivity continuous miner operation ...

The dolerite intrusions in the coal seam meant longwall/shortwall mining was not feasible for the underground operation. When decided to introduce continuous haulage the higher capital investment was only justifiable if high production rates could be sustained. A Long-Airdox continuous haulage system was introduced with a Voest-Alpine ABM30.

Longwall mining

@article{osti_5824888, title = {Continuous miners vs. longwalls}, author = {Nilsson, D and Reddy, N A}, abstractNote = {This article argues that higher coal recovery and greater net present capital values (NPCV) makes longwall mining more profitable than continuous mining over a longer period. Compares longwall mining with continuous room-and-pillar mining of a 6-ft coalbed covering …

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@article{osti_414939, title = {Heintzmann continuous longwall miner}, author = {Guse, K and Polsh, J}, abstractNote = {Geologic Considerations for the Continuous Longwall Miner The mining of the thin seams allows: (1) an optimum return of the capital invested, (2) delay mining of seams at greater depth, or opening other mines, (3) a maximization of resources, (4) a prolongation of mine-lifespan.

Mining Methods

Longwall Mining Longwall mining involves using a mechanical shearer to extract coal from long rectangular blocks of medium to thick seams. Ultimate seam recovery using longwall mining techniques can exceed 75%. In longwall mining, continuous miners …

Longwall Mining

longwall mining Mining. a mining method in which very long rectangular blocks of coal are defined during the development stage of the mine and then extracted in a single continuous operation by an automated cutting head moving parallel to the coal face.When the coal is cut, the working area is protected by a movable, powered roof support system. As the face progresses, the immediate roof …

Joy Global explains underground coal mining

Apr 08, 2012· This video by mining equipment manufacturer Joy Global, more educational than promotional, gives an excellent overview of longwall, versus room and pillar underground coal mining techniques.


•Longwall •Continuous Miner (CM) •Low Capacity Continuous Miner (LCCM) Introduction of mass production technology •Application of Universal Drilling Machine (UDM) with SDLs and LHDs for improving rate of output in B&P method of working. Application of UDM, SDL & LHD 27 TO ENHANCE UG COAL PRODUCTION IN INDIA