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A Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), formerly known as Open Systems Architecture or Open Systems Approach, can be defined as a technical and business strategy for designing an affordable and adaptable system. A MOSA is the DoD preferred method for implementation of open systems, and it is required by United States law.

Modular Systems Design

Designing Modular Systems. So, what do we need to design a modular system? Well, we need at least three things: a module, an interface, and a set of protocols for interconnecting those modules. Firstly, in order to create modules, we need to unbundle our monolithic system. In computer science, this is called separation of concerns.

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Workplace Modular Systems offers modular workstations configured to order: high quality work benches, tables, workstations, laboratory furniture, and more. Skip to the main content. 1-800-258-9700. Explore Our Products. ... Modular Workstations Configured to Your Needs.

EverBlock Flooring

EverBlock® manufactures a complete line of modular flooring systems to meet your various needs. From dance floors, to tent flooring and from stadium turf protection systems to exhibit flooring, EverBlock has an interlocking flooring system for your specific application.

What is Modularity?

Nov 13, 2012· Modularity: In software engineering, modularity refers to the extent to which a software/Web application may be divided into smaller modules. Software modularity indicates that the number of application modules are capable of serving a specified business domain. Modularity is successful because developers use prewritten code, which saves ...

Beginners Tutorial for Modular Synthesizers

Many sounds need to change over time and we use the voltage from envelope generators to control parameters. The EG has controls that set the timing of the output envelope voltage over time. EGs are normally triggered by a Gate signal from a keyboard, but because this is a modular, that gate signal can come from many other sources such as an ...


Modular system concept More competitive and flexible with a modular and scalable system Hardware and software, from basic to high-end: You decide what you need for your application. Thanks to seamless scalability, subsequent adjustments to changing requirements can be made affordably and with little engineering effort.

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^Dell Business Credit: Offered to business customers by WebBank, Member FDIC, who determines qualifications for and terms of credit. Taxes, shipping and other charges are extra and vary. Minimum monthly payments are the greater of $15 or 3% of the new …

29 Seasonal Modular Maintenance Tasks You Need To Be Doing ...

Clean air filters – With the buildup of pollen over the course of the spring, you can be sure that all the air filters in your house need a good cleaning.. Replenish fuel oil supply – Always refill your home's fuel supply well before the cold weather season approaches. The last thing you want is to be waiting for an overworked delivery crew when the weather turns and you don't have heat.


Many small potable water systems such as schools, daycare centers, housing developments and manufacturing facilities need options that are simple, affordable and effective. Additionally, solutions are needed that require less engineering by adapting to existing space, and infrastructure. Features and Benefits of Modular Systems

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Modular Systems, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company [ About Us ] [ Products ] [ Speciality Items ] [ Hints & Definitions ] [ Patents ] [ Applications ] [ Machinery ] This site uses Flash. If you can't see the flash content and have Adobe installed you may have to enable it in your browser.

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Modular sectional sofas are sadly too often overlooked by today's furniture shoppers and decorators. And for silly reasons! Like many other furniture pieces, modular sectional sofas are not dated pieces trapped in time bubbles of the past, but instead have continued to be updated to fit the needs …


The highly flexible nature of our cleanroom systems means that you can choose to customize yours with additional accessories to keep the environment as tightly controlled as your needs require. Whether you need to comply with ISO, FDA, cGMP or EU standards, there is a modular cleanroom design that is suitable for your needs.

Simple, Reusable, Cost

Mallform's modular wall systems can be effectively used instead of traditional dry walls and pay for themselves after just two uses! The best part about MallForm's modular wall system is how quick and easy they are to set up, it only takes one third of the time to set up MallForm's reusable walls compared to the time it takes to set up traditional drywall.

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Modular Systems aims to provide innovative products to the display, fixture, signage, decoration industries. Our products are stocked in our California warehouse, relying on major shipping network such as UPS we gurantee to deliver your order to you within a week. View our mission section or contact us to determine what else we can do for you.

How Do Modular Boilers Work? | Modular Boilers

The development of the modular boiler was designed to provide the highest level of efficiency to meet the needs of companies with fluctuating load demands. By connecting multiple modules in tandem, the system can fire up or shut down modules in direct response to the demand.

What is A Modular Power Supply? Modular vs Non

Jul 31, 2018· While a modular PSU may not be the only thing this system needs, it would go a long way in helping reduce the amount of cable clutter in this system. What this means is that, depending on your power supply and computer case, a given cable on your PSU may not be long enough to route behind the back of the case to keep it hidden.

Modular design

Modular design, or modularity in design, is a design theory and practice that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules (such as modular process skids), which can be independently created, modified, replaced or exchanged between different systems.

Modular Battery System – Definition, Working and Need ...

These systems provide an uninterrupted power supply and, therefore, reducing the need to shut down other systems. For example, if a single unit from the modular battery system requires servicing, it can be taken out of the modular energy storage system without affecting the other devices.

Designing Bioprocess Systems for Modular Needs

Regardless of the process, equipment, operation, or facility, every modular bioprocess system should retain some aspect of turnkey or plug-and-play operation.

Prefab Needs To Be Fixed Before It Can Save Housing

May 12, 2020· Not only does the U.S. need to invest in research and development for modular in order to compete on a global scale, it also needs to invest in order to …

SynQ: Modular warehouse management system for optimized ...

SynQ is a full-spectrum warehouse management and warehouse execution system that is deployed on a modular basis so you get precisely the functionality your operations need. It can scale down to a material flow control system (WCS) only or a purely manual warehouse system which can be extended into a fully automated environment at any time.

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Hero Office Systems is a renowned supplier of premium-quality used Herman Miller office furniture, cubicles, seating, cabinets, and modular office setups. We pitch UNBEATABLE PRICES on all our supplies! We specialize in both like new and used Herman Miller Office Furniture, office systems, Ethospace systems, and Ergonomic seating. For more than ...

Modular Systems

MODULAR SYSTEMS, INC., Has been providing services in furniture installation and reconfiguration in Arizona and other states including Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Etc., since 1991. We also provide shipping, receiving and warehousing services from our Phoenix warehouse facility.