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50 Cal Round Ball Weight


Rifles of .50 caliber with a like barrel length should produce very similar ballistics with these loads. Note that with a longer length barrel, velocities with the same charge of powder behind the same weight patched round ball increases - right along with barrel length.

.50 BMG

Sea Pearls Soft Mesh Weights $23.73; Air Venturi .50 Cal, 177 Grains, Round Ball, 100ct $34.49; Kissitty 100Pcs Lead Free 3/4" Diameter (20mm) Natural Unfinished Large Wood Beads... $9.98; Lead Shot Balls #7.5 bag 4 lbs (64 oz) (1.8 kg) (0.094") (2.39 mm) Dia $28.95

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Jul 04, 2012· For all pratical purposes .69 is 16 ga, the ball is slightly undersize add 110 grain of powder is 1/4 0z so in that case you have about 1 1/4 oz per round= 50 0z if its buck and ball add that weight you have about 20 oz, all told about about 5 1/2 pounds.

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Apr 09, 2016· The spreadsheet organizes ammunition (roughly) by caliber, and divides my collection into two categories: Pistol and rifle rounds (though I tend to be a rifle ammunition collector, sorry pistoleros!). Data for each round's name, case material (if any), bullet type, bullet weight, and overall weight in both grams and ounces is given by the spreadsheet.

The Best Loads For Your .50

An 85- to 100-grain charge will effectively shoot .54-caliber sabots, conicals (try 425-grain bullets) and patched round balls with equal accuracy. Sight-in at 50 Yards I sight-in any muzzleloader at 50 yards, trying to impact 3 inches above the bull's-eye. This will put me in the 6-inch kill zone out to 120 yards.

.50 VS .54 Round Ball Accuracy

Mar 10, 2017· I am leaning toward a .45 Cal Round Ball Rifle for target fun, Johnson1942 mentioned it to me and it makes the most sense, beings i already have .50 …

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Feb 21, 2009· effectiveness of the .50 cal. roundball My arms of choice an early production Thompson Center Hawken, and an early nineties Traditions Hawken.Our ancestors killed everything in the world with round balls including elephant.Anything in North America is in great danger of a .50 cal. round ball propelled by 70 grains or more of blackpowder.A whitetailed deer can be humanely killed at distances ...

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Balls & shot for muzzle loading guns Hornady round balls are die swaged from pure soft lead. Each ball is perfect, no shrinkage, no sprue, no wrinkles. Hornady round balls are made in the most popular calibers. Hand cast round balls are cast from pure soft lead. Each ball has a tiny flat, where the sprue was removed. Place this flat spot on top, centered on your muzzle.

Round Ball Loads

Round Ball Loads I became interested in round ball loads and multiple round ball loads several years ago and experimented with them off an on for about a year in both rifles and revolvers. Single Ball Loads Single round balls can be loaded in almost any caliber …

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Round Ball .58 Cal. Dia. by Hornady

Hornady - Round Ball .58 Caliber 100 Count Box These lead round balls are perfect for muzzleloader rifles & pistols. Perfect for Civil War era .577 and .58 caliber Enfields and Springfields and replicas. Precision swaged to eliminate air pockets and deliver optimal accuracy. Pure lead replicates traditional design. Uniform in size, weight, and concentricity.

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Thompson Center Muzzleloading Bullets 50 Caliber (490 Diameter) 175 Grain Round Ball Box of 100

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You can see the a .50 caliber, 180 grain ball driven by 150 gr. FFg black powder leaves the muzzle at velocities in excess of 1800 ft. sec. Note that the powder charge required is about 70% of the weight of the ball. Chart #2- 50 caliber, 180 grain round ball driven by 125 grains FFFg black powder, showing rapid energy loss with range

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Hornady lead round balls are smoother and rounder which assures better rotation and consistency. Hornady's rigorous inspection process ensures that you will receive consistent and uniform round balls meeting both weight and concentricity tolerances. 100 Count Box Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: 6090 Caliber: .50 Ball Diameter ...

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Nov 03, 2018· I have a 50 cal TC Hawken coming my way with the idea that I might be able to get a muzzleloader tag next year. I like the idea of traditional round ball hunting, but as I look at published muzzle velocities and consider how fast energy drops off with a sphere in flight it seems like such a choice means effective hunting ranges would be really short.

50 Cal .490 Lead Balls

50 Cal .490 Lead Balls 0gr Item #6090 | 100/Box . Completely uniform in size, weight, and roundness, Hornady® Round Balls deliver consistent and accurate performance. They're cold swaged from pure lead which eliminates air pockets and voids common to cast balls. And the smoother, rounder surface assures better rotation and consistency.

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Hornady Lead Round Ball .50 Caliber .490" Diameter 100 Count 6090 Hornady Lead Round Ball .50 Caliber .490" Diameter...

The .54 Caliber Muzzleloader

At 100 yards a .54 caliber round ball from a 28" barrel will deliver over 520 Ft./lbs. of energy with a 110 grain powder charge, nearly 32 more pounds of energy than a .50 caliber round ball. Several seasons of harvesting deer with a .54 caliber convince me that it is more lethal than .50 caliber round balls.

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Terminal Ballistics: You will get a lot of arguments that .50 caliber roundballs do not have good terminal ballistics. The terminal ballistics of a 180 grain, .50 caliber roundball at 100 yards are slightly better than a 158 grain, .38 Special P+ round (880 fps) at the muzzle. That is, a …

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Loaded with a light 28 grain load and a round ball, it rivals a modern .38 special. Loaded with 35 to 40 grains it rivals the modern 9mm and .45 ACP. Loaded with 45 and 50 grains it starts to approach the power of a light-end .357.

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A comprehensive collection of interactive, online ballistics calculators! Exterior Ballistics, Recoil Calculator, Wound Channel Calculator, Stopping Power Calculators (mutiple), Round Ball Weight Calculator, Powder Calculators, and more! A one-stop resource for your technical ballistic data needs.

Wheel weights for casting round lead balls?

Mar 19, 2012· 1100 degrees? Why? 750 degrees will melt wheel weights for casting just fine. "You need some obset to "bump up to the grooves" if patch is too small." Then use the right sized patch. Actually there are plenty of folks that use wheel weights for round balls in MLs. You get less expansion on critters, but better penetration.

Round Ball Mold

.375 BALL SIX CAVITY.380 BALL SIX CAVITY for .36 Navy percussion revolver.454 BALL SIX CAVITY.457 BALL SIX CAVITY for 45 Old Ruger percussion revolver.480 BALL SIX CAVITY.490 BALL SIX CAVITY.495 BALL SIX CAVITY.520 BALL SIX CAVITY for Sante Fe Hawkin rilfes and other tight .53 and .54 bores.530 BALL SIX CAVITY for .54 bores and 28 gauge smooth bore

How many grains does a 50 cal bullet weigh

Which .50 cal bullet did you have in mind? A standard 12.7x99 (.50 BMG) ball projectile weighs something like 660 grains, while dedicated sniping cartridges might have a projectile weighing more ...

50 Cal .495 Lead Balls

50 Cal .495 Lead Balls 0gr Item #6093 | 100/Box . Completely uniform in size, weight, and roundness, Hornady® Round Balls deliver consistent and accurate performance. They're cold swaged from pure lead which eliminates air pockets and voids common to cast balls. And the smoother, rounder surface assures better rotation and consistency.